1. "“Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.” – Louis Brandeis"

  2. Michael Bennitt Book Trailer

    Michael Bennitt Book from I’m Social Now on Vimeo.


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  3. Bologna, Italy

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    Arrived in Bologna Saturday, but have had difficulty connecting online until now.

    The weather is beautiful, the streets are crowded with people and I’ve started my first class. I’ve got a lot to do while I’m here between class and work, but I’m looking forward to it.

    I’ll upload pictures as I can, but most of my work will be video for a client. Right now I’m going to upload shots I took the first day.

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  4. Here’s an oldie - July 2011.

    Yep, I met Colonel Sanders in Tustin, CA.


  5. Chef Michael Bennitt and Master Gelato Chef Gabriele Scarponi


    Incredible day of training today with Master Chef Gabriele Scarponi at the Gelato Professional School. Located at Guardamiglio, in the province of Lodi, Frigomat has its own modern and spacious laboratory for holding GPS courses.

    So yes, in addition to all of my other skills I’m also a gelato chef!


  6. Back in Piacenza Italy

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    On 19 March I arrived back in Milan, Italy to work on a video project. Part of the project required me to attend the Gelato Professional School. So now, in addition to all of my other skills, I’m also a gelato chef!

  7. No Actions Are Small

    No Actions Are Small from Mike Bennitt on Vimeo.

    As you look around your world, you can see that a lot of things are not right. Mankind is surviving, but mankind could also reach higher levels of survival.

    Higher levels of enlightenment.

    Higher levels of self-determinism and free will.

    We’ve got some work to do.

    Whatever issue you’re passionate about, whatever it is you want to fix in the world, You CAN do something about it.

    Start today. Start a blog. Wordpress and Tumlr are simple, easy and cost nothing.

    Start a YouTube channel. Your computer has an embedded camera and that’s all you need. It doesn’t need to be a Hollywood production. YouTube is not Hollywood.

    You own a camera. Take pictures.

    Your point of view is important.

    Be it a million people or ten, each of us has a sphere of influence.

    You know ten people who know ten people. That’s how word spreads.

    Don’t let anyone make you feel small or insignificant.

    I’m talking about changing people’s minds.

    I’m talking about a battle of ideas. I’m talking about fighting for your principles.

    And one cannot change people’s minds through the use of force.

    One changes people’s minds with effective communication.

    You are not alone.

    Fighting is not the answer. Love is the answer.

    Act Now.






  8. Human Trafficking in the United States today

    Human Trafficking in the Unites States Today from Mike Bennitt on Vimeo.

    There are more slaves in the world today than there were in 1863 when Lincoln made his Emancipation Proclamation. Yet, the U.S. Senate is not debating how to solve the problem. The U.S. House of Representatives have not convened any committees to hold hearings and conduct their own investigation. Our President will not order his Attorney General to investigate and bring any guilty parties to justice.

    Fortunately, there are several non-governmental organizations doing something about it.

    The Polaris Project has done a fine job of increasing awareness about human trafficking and they operate a National phone hotline that victims can call for help, or concerned citizens can call to get information or help with a potential case.

    Please join me in supporting the Polaris Project.

    The Polaris Project hotline is 1-888-3737-888 

    You can call for help or info 24/7.

    The hotline recently responded to its 60,000th call.






  9. Michael Bennitt in Germany

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    Germany is a incredible place with a rich history and culture. Many of my dearest friends are German, and I have finally made the time to visit their wonderful country.

    Read my daily updates from my trip here:


  10. I Love Vienna!

    This December past I made the time to visit my favorite city in the world:

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    Vienna was cold and dry, and it was wonderful. You can read my daily posts from there on my Austria website: